Frequently Asked Questions.

For Customers

What is the cost of using Buy Sell Lease?

Buy Sell Lease is a free service to Consumers in the pursuit of assisting you to Buy, Sell or Lease Property.

Can I advertise my property without a real estate agent?

Buy Sell Lease is a service that is provided to real estate agents and other real estate professionals. Vendors and Landlords must market their properties through a real estate agent. Buy Sell Lease will not accept Private Listings.

What is the cost of promoting my property through Buy Sell Lease?

Buy Sell Lease is offered to real estate agents on a fixed fee annual subscription. Advertising fees for the promotion of your property through Buy Sell Lease is at the sole discretion of real estate agents.

Are the real estate agents and other real estate professionals currently registered in their chosen field?

Buy Sell Lease cannot and will not guarantee or provide any guarantee that an agent that you choose or may choose to deal with is registered. We recommend that you enquire through the State and Territories websites provided below. For other real estate professionals, please search online to determine if they hold the appropriate registration for their chosen profession/service. For real estate agents.

What if an agent or other real estate professional asks me to pay?

As a Consumer and User of services of Buy Sell Lease, your registration and use of our service, is completely free. Our services are for the promotion of real estate and services within the real estate industry. At no time, during your use of the services of Buy Sell Lease, should you be requested to make any payment for any good or service offered by a real estate agent or real estate professional. A real estate agent may only request a marketing fee for the marketing of your property as part of you entering into a Selling Agency or Leasing Agency Agreement.

What happens if I want to stop receiving a particular property search information?

At any time, you make may make a change to your current search or stop your current search, by logging into your User Profile and viewing your current searches and selecting the “Stop Search” or “Make a Change” icons.

For Realestate Agents

What is the cost of marketing through Buy Sell Lease?

Buy Sell Lease is offered for FREE for Real Estate Agents to promote their properties, people and business.

Are there any other additional costs?

There are no additional fees of Buy Sell Lease. We do not offer Premium or Deluxe packages as our system provides a fair and equitable approach in the delivery of your content to consumers. As all real estate content is administered directly from your website, there are no pricing attached to Video, the amount of photo’s, time based campaigns, floorplans, and the extent of your content.

How does Buy Sell Lease benefit the role of my Sales and Leasing Team?

Buy Sell Lease is completely FREE for all of your listings – Auction, Exclusive, Open and Off Market. We encourage you to market every PROPERTY – sales and leasing, residential and commercial – through Buy Sell Lease. It’s FREE and Easy.

Contact your CRM Uploader and request that they have a default where all properties are selected automatically for Buy Sell Lease to maximise your FREE marketing and coverage and so you don’t have to think about it.

At Buy Sell Lease, we want you to focus on selling and leasing. Let us do your marketing for you – FREE and EASY!.

Are subscriptions based on individual offices?

Buy Sell Lease is a subscription service for each and every physical office, regardless of whether a Principal owns one office or three offices.

Each office is recognised as a catchment area within a specific area and Buy Sell Lease works on the principle of location.

Regardless of whether you operate one website for multiple office locations, we suggest that you register these as separate locations for potential Vendors and Landlords to find their local office and click in to your website to learn more about your office and people.

For Services

How do I promote my properties, people and services through Buy Sell Lease?

Buy Sell Lease matches a consumer search with your own data from your website. If I were looking for a particular property, price, suburb, it will match with your data and return these webpages to the consumer. The consumer clicks on the summary page and enters your website at that webpage as if they typed that URL into their own search bar. The same search methodology is used for looking for your personnel as if I am looking to sell or lease my property. Profiles will be returned to me, and with a click I am reading their profile, looking at their photo, contact details, testimonials, and current/past sales and leasing details.

Buy Sell Lease is the most effective and direct means of marketing property, people and services to consumers engaged in real estate. No other marketing can compete in terms of the cost or marketing and the people you are directly marketing to, without even lifting a finger. More effective than cold calling and letterbox drops as these consumers are actually wanting to deal in real estate. You are dealing with Hot Prospects.

Will third party real estate agents appear on the webpages of Buy Sell Lease or our own content?

Buy Sell Lease will not permit any real estate brand or person appearing on our webpages for their own branding and marketing of their business. Our business structure and model is to ensure a fair and equitable real estate portal for the real estate industry. Real estate marketing is through your own Subscription. In the delivery of content from your website, as it is from your own website, it is only your content that is displayed exactly from your website, with branding, colours, logo and content that you have.

There is no ability, nor desire, to reduce or dilute your branding with our logo “Buy Sell Lease”, nor is there any ability or desire to cheekily market your competitors brand and promotions as a banner advert alongside what you are promoting.

If I upload a property on my own website, when will it appear through Buy Sell Lease?

That very same day. It’s as simple and as easy as that.

What marketing opportunities do you offer us?

Buy Sell Lease directs consumers to your website to view property, people and services that you are marketing, free of any time period marketing, free of any limit on content such as photos, video and content, as well as presenting your material in your corporate branding – as you intended.

As Consumers are directed to your website, in direct communication, rather than in an open forum, opportunity exists, when a consumer is searching for a sales or leasing agent, to create a webpage promotion in your staff profiles as a direct means of marketing, to increase your sales and leasing opportunity.

Examples may include – offering a Spring Auction themed campaign, an Investment orientated campaign, An apartment Auction Campaign, a Free Property Management Guarantee to win new Property Management.

The opportunities are endless and cater to the creativity of your own agency and team. As these marketing representations do not appear on a directory, but rather through consumer search results, there is a reduced chance for your competition to view and match what your are offering.

How do we benefit from sales leads and prospects?

Consumers using Buy Sell Lease, register to use our service. In returning searches from your web content, you will receive a regular report displaying the property, and/or person searched together with email details of the consumer, that you may export into your own CRM System.

If a consumer is looking for a real estate agent to sell or lease their property and view your team profiles, you know that you are now dealing with a Hot Prospect. It’s now up to you to convert this Prospect into a listing. What other portal provides you with real leads to help you make money, build your database and improve your business.

How do we manage our data that appears through Buy Sell Lease?

As a Subscriber, you will provide the feed that we require to enable your website content to be viewed through Buy Sell Lease. Essentially, all this means is that you only need to manage and update your own Website. Any content and changes will automatically be viewed through Buy Sell Lease.

How do search results get delivered to consumers?

Other real estate portals deliver content in pages. It is common knowledge that many consumers drop off dramatically after Page 2 of any search. To compensate themselves for the deliverance of the most number of hits, they provide you with upgraded packages to appear on these first two pages, that expire within a certain time period, e.g. 30 days.

Buy Sell Lease has created a fair and equitable system to ensure that our pricing remains fixed, competitive and takes away the need for you to act as an advertising sales agent.

We deliver search results in a random fashion. If 10 people were to perform the exact same search, the results will be randomised prior to their delivery to ensure that every agent may appear at the top of the list, as well as the middle and also the end. For each search result, the delivery is different. This ensures that we need not change our pricing model, and also ensures a greater number of properties within any particular search, receive a greater number of consumers viewing the listings.

What content from our website is searchable through Buy Sell Lease?

In a nutshell, if it’s on your website, it’s on Buy Sell Lease. Your properties, whether you have paid advertising or not from your clients, your brand, your people and your services.

Buy Sell Lease directs consumer’s into your very own website, to initially view the property or personnel match and navigate to any page within your site that they wish to.

With Buy Sell Lease, all you need to ensure is that your Website is not only up to date, but presents your business in the best possible light. Your website is your front door to your business. We are bringing people to your front door.

For Marketing

What is your marketing plan?

The first stage of our marketing is focused in New South Wales in creating consumer traffic as well as real estate content that serves consumers as well as the real estate industry. In this stage, Buy Sell Lease will engage in public marketing. Other States and Territories will follow thereafter.

Where will you market Buy Sell Lease?

Buy Sell Lease will engage in marketing on free to air Television, Radio, Billboards, Bus Advertising as well as online strategy. Our strategy may change from time to time to reflect market or campaign changes as well as marketing to increase our brand awareness.

As Buy Sell Lease is a real estate portal that delivers the most innovative and cost effective means of marketing not only your property, but also your brand, your people and your services, we will seek the marketing of Buy Sell Lease within the day to day business of your office, to ensure the market is aware of Buy Sell Lease as Buy Sell Lease provides so many great opportunities for your business and industry.

How can I use Special Deals for my Business?

Robert Oatley Vineyards are offering discounted wine directly to you, with the opportunity of rebranding the wine with your corporate image to provide to your clients as a ‘thank you” for an Appraisal, Sale or Leasing transaction. The opportunity and choice is yours. You simply click on the Robert Oatley Vineyards icon and enter their website and complete your order with your redemption code for delivery to your door. It’s as simple and easy as that.

Buy Sell Lease is partnering with companies that will provide special deals to both our Consumers and our Subscribers in creating our very own loyalty program to ensure constant re-engagement with Buy Sell Lease, even after they have completed their real estate transaction. These Deals may be in the form of holidays, retail shopping and the like that benefit our consumers as well as providing rewards to our Subscribers, at a discounted level, for a job well done. These deals will be updated from time to time to enhance and reward people for their real estate experience.

Buy Sell Lease will not permit marketing of any real estate brand in offering any special deals for marketing purposes.

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