Realestate Agents is a real estate portal that markets all real estate for sale and lease – residential, commercial, industrial, etc. It’s completely FREE to market all your listings. We don’t have any fees or charges - No 30 day campaigns – No limit on photo’s, video or floorplans, No Premium or Deluxe Packages.
We randomise each and every search result to provide every property an opportunity at being the top of search results.
At, we also market your Agency and your people – for FREE. When a consumer searches to find an Agency in their local area, to SELL or LEASE their property, your Agency will appear and they can then click in and enter Your Agency Website – where it’s all about your Agency and your people. We want Landlords and Vendors to be able to make an indepth and informed decision of who they want to deal with.

How to Join and Upload your properties

Step 1 - Register your Agency

  1. Visit our Homepage – and click Join Agent Now.
  2. In this process, we ask you to fill out all of the fields with as much detail as possible. This information is used to market your Agency to Vendors and Landlords. Enter each of your office as individual offices.
  3. Enter the Suburb of your office. This enables your office to be found in search capabilities of suburbs and locations.
  4. Enter your Office homepage URL. If you belong to a Franchise, enter your actual office Homepage rather than the main Home page of your Franchise. Remember, consumers are looking for their local office, so let’s take them there.
  5. Enter your “Meet the Team” page URL. Copy and paste the URL from your website. This will direct consumers straight to this page so they can look at you and your team profiles.
  6. Uploading. In this section, select the Option you prefer. If you wish to upload directly, select that box, or if you prefer to use your existing CRM, please let us know who they are as well as your Unique Agent ID and we will email them to initiate setup and uploads. Once it is installed through your CRM, just set and forget for all your listings!
  7. Description The easiest way to complete this is to copy and paste it from your website and enter it in the box provided. Include your logo image as well as an Image of your office or a locality image.
  8. Remember your User Name and Password. You will need this to modify your Agency profile and upload your properties.
  9. Do you have more than one office? If so, enter them separately. Our consumers can narrow down Agency Searches by each individual suburb, so you want each of your offices to have their own identity and be able to be found in suburb/locality searches.

Step 1 - Upload Directly

  1. To begin to Self Upload properties to Buy Sell Lease or make changes to your Agency profile, you will need to login.
  2. Enter: or Click “Login” at the top right hand of the page.
  3. Make sure you select “AGENT LOGIN” in this section, or Click here.
  4. You will then be directed to enter your Email and Password that you used for your Agency Registration.
  5. You can then navigate to “MANAGE PROPERTY” and upload your properties to Buy Sell Lease.
  6. Buy Sell Lease markets all real estate – For Sale and/or Lease – Residential, Commercial, etc..
  7. Spend some time to get familiar with the Fields and understand your entries for types of property and type of marketing.
  8. Ensure the URL address of your property is correct. The best way is to view it on your website and Copy and Paste the URL Bar. This is the page that consumers will be taken to, so if you make any changes on your property web page such as new images, content, inspections, etc.. consumers will see it. Remember – If it’s on your website – It’s on Buy Sell Lease.

Step 3 - CRM Uploads

  1. Do you have a company who manages your property uploads for you?
  2. When you register and indicate who this company is, we will send them (as well as your Principal), an email to confirm that you want your properties bulk uploaded to Buy Sell Lease. They will provide your Unique Agent ID – if you haven’t already provided it, and initiate your uploads.
  3. All you then have to do is set it on your system in your office to upload ALL listings (because Buy Sell Lease is completely FREE). Essentially, Set and Forget and our system will provide updated information on your listings through Buy Sell Lease.

We don’t want your money! We want you to join us

Buy Sell Lease is completely FREE! There is no time like the present. With Agencies all over Australia joining and enjoying the benefits of marketing with Buy Sell Lease, why would you miss out.
Our revenue model is unique in that we don’t rely on property and agencies for revenue. Our revenue is derived from marketing real estate services such as conveyancing, finance, insurance, pest and building, removalists and storage, painting, gardening, etc..
We won’t be asking you for any money. We just want a portal where we can all market what we sell and lease and not be governed by rising digital marketing costs.
Buy Sell Lease is committed to supporting the real estate industry. Our founder is a Licenced Real Estate Agent and has been in real estate for over 30 years. Buy Sell Lease is a portal built by a real estate agent for every real estate agent and agency.
Together, we can make a difference to the real estate portal landscape and have digital marketing completely FREE!
With Buy Sell Lease – it’s all about you, your Agency and your Properties

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